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I am a content creator, artist, and marketing specialist. With an understanding of web publishing, content management systems, and social media I aim to provide professional services to those in need.

Looking for a photographer to shoot your band, cover your event, or document your food? Look no further.

With more than a decade experience I have a developed sense for space and light in difficult to shoot locations.  I may specialize in natural light but I am no stranger to  using speedlights and studio strobes.

In addition to my photography I am also an accomplished writer, having spent the last five years writing editorials, reviews, and academic works.

I hold a BFA in photography from Emily Carr University, and a BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University.

I live in rainy/sunny/rainy Vancouver, British Columbia, but love to travel. Like something you see? Want to collaborate on a project, or hire me for a job?