The Wraps of Khan by Dean Belder


Food for many people is passion. We need it to survive, but we can also enjoy us. It's indelibly linked to our culture. No matter where you go peoples culture is so often linked to their food, and vice-versa.  What you eat is also intricately linked to your health. Sure, pizza is awesome, tacos, and deep fried things too, but popular culture has been increasingly presenting us with the notion that healthy food is bland and boring.

While I may self identify as a foodie to keep things simple, I’m not sure that’s an entirely accurate term, to me a foodie is someone who likes to go out, and while I do enjoy dining out I also like to eat in, host dinner parties, and experiment on my own, food nerd is much more apt.

I’m also a recent university grad (x2), so income at this point isn’t steady enough to indulge in the Vancouver dining scene, but there are some places to be found on a budget for sure. 

What I do is I cook, dine and drink on a budget. I try to eat healthy, and try to make conscious choices about where my food comes from, when the budget permits. I’ll post what most people call reviews, and I’ll also post what I call recipes, and kitchen experiences, from the late night drunken snacks, to the mid morning quick and easy breakfasts, with a focus on delicious healthy food whenever I find, or make it.l

Join me. Inspire me, and if you think you have some ideas, enlighten me. I’m open to trying anything at least once.